Wednesday, 30 January 2013

150 days to go!

Only 150 days training left until the big day!

Might sound like a lot but it seems no time at all since I posted that I had 200 days to go - time flies when you're having fun.

Managed another great run tonight - taking another 30 seconds off my 10 km personal best: now standing at 46:45. Again, not super speedy by most standards but it's a decent improvement for me in quite a short time. Given I'm training for endurance, the increase in speed is a nice side-effect… hopefully mean I can keep my pace up for the marathon and get to the finish line sooner than expected.

Booked up again with Nick Constantine of soulinmotion for another Chi running course in 2 weeks time. 6 people on the course and 5 of them are from ATHelite!  Looking forward to the technique refresher - hopefully I've managed to get the basics right and start working on the next areas of focus.

Anyway, the alarm is due to go off in 6 and a half hours time and the training starts again, so as the say in the cartoon, That's all folks !!! For today at least :-)

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