Saturday, 26 January 2013

The calm before the storm

Good sessions in the gym today: strength training on the spin bike followed by a longer endurance run on the treadmill, leg weights and stretches. That's another 1100 kCalories burned… just as well as I'm out to meet pals for curry and a couple of beers later this evening!

Tomorrow the training plan kicks in with a vengeance… I'm due for a 2 hour endurance session on the bike followed by a 90 minute run. I won't make the same mistake I did last time though when I did these sessions back to back… it was pretty tough. Still, in a few months time I'll be looking to do a 4 hour run off the back of a 6 hour cycle, so I'd better man up and get on with it  ;-)

Good Luck to my pal Derek Stewart who is training for the Marathon des Sables. Today he is running the Great Glen - all 79 miles of it!


Paul Mackenzie said...

I am doing a 90minute run tomorrow as well (well 11 miles which I am hope to do around that time) how far do you think you'll go? Also, you must be mad to do the cycle as well... Good luck!

Dr Gall said...

I'll be doing a lot less than 11 miles… probably about 8-8.5 I guess, just keeping it slow and steady with the heart rate firmly in zone 1 (up to about 144 bpm for me). Typically set the treadmill at 5% and about 5.5 mph, movie on, water bottles at the ready and a towel to mop up the sweat!!! Cycle then run or run then cycle? Decisions, decisions!!

Dr Gall said...

Paul - how did your race go yesterday? Hope you enjoyed it !!!

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