Sunday, 13 January 2013

Great finish to the week - bring on the next one!

Well Sunday afternoon is here already and I'm felling pretty pleased with my training this week.

I've managed to squeeze in 11 hours, 18 minutes and 46 seconds, covering 111km and burning 6,990 kCalories. Not too shabby at all and a decent start to training in 2013.

Inspired by my pal Derek Stewart who is competing in the Marathon des Sables this year - (listed by Yahoo as number 1 of 7 of the toughest outdoor challenges) I've set my alarm earlier and got a training session in before work most days this week. Not only has this increased my training volume, but I'm feeling more awake and ready for each day.

I ran with Derek and Calum today around Chatelherault Country Park - a couple of loops through the trails, totalling just over 15 km. We kept up a fairly steady pace of 6 mins 15 seconds per km, not bad - and even more impressive when you're carrying a 5kg rucksack!!!  Big kudos to Derek! 

Right, time for food shopping, dog walking and marking Higher Physics homework… the fun never stops!

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