Thursday, 24 January 2013

10km record smashed!

Well, I doubt Mo Farah will be too worried when I say I smashed the 10km record and I suspect I won't need to start booking tickets for Rio 2016 just yet... but I set a new P.B. last night! 

I managed to take 2 minutes and 21 seconds off my 10km p.b. set last October, bringing my time down to 47:12… and that was during an 11km run. Really chuffed with this given most of my training has been on cardio endurance (distance) rather than cardio strength (speed) for the last few months. Just goes to prove, like building a house, if you have solid fitness 'foundations' then you can build up your fitness levels to new heights. I'm fitter now at 42 than I was at 21.

My iPod battery gave up the ghost after a kilometre or so but I'm guessing this was a blessing in disguise. This allowed me to concentrate on the sound of my feet - the quieter the better - indicating a light foot-fall. I'm really enjoying the Chi running technique and whilst I am nowhere near to mastering it, it has completely revolutionised my running style and efficiency. The first 8km last night felt easy despite it being 1-3 degrees C, dark, slippy, broken pavements and an 'undulating' course. I'm looking forward to seeing Nick again in early Feb and this time my better half and other members of ATHelite Triathlon Club will be coming along too.


Paul Mackenzie said...

Fantastic, congratulations! Particularly nice as you hadn't been training for speed. I did a personal best for my 8.3mile course last night as well, 1h04m20s I think the lack of snow on the pavements help. Not long to go until my half marathon, Feb 10th, still working on not dropping pace which I do horribly after about 9 miles!

Dr Gall said...

Brilliant Paul! That's a really solid pace. What have you been up to in your training? You'll find the race will help to lift you over the last few miles - just be careful with your pacing from the start and you'll do really well. Let me know how you get on!!!

Paul Mackenzie said...

I am following a myasics training plan, so at the moment it's 3 miles Wednesday, 8.5miles Thursday and 11 miles on a Sunday. I am on wind down from next week as the race is on the 10th of Feb. I am really hoping following others will help at the end as I need help. I'll let you know my time when it's over!

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