Saturday, 5 January 2013

Monthly / Yearly totals...

December 2012 Statistics:

35 Activities

Run / Swam / Biked: 391.76 km

Total time spent exercising: 26:08:00 h:m:s

Average speed 17.1 km/hour

Average heart rate 123 bpm

Average bike cadence 90 rpm

burned 15,744 kCalories 

Lower than I'd hoped for this month but not too surprising given the Christmas holidays. Too much good living has seen my mass increase by 3kg back up to 85kg!!  Time to drop the chocolates, put away the mince pies, Christmas puds and get back on the treadmill, turbo trainer and into the pool... not all at once, for obvious reasons!

2012 Full Statistics (March - December):

338 Activities

Run / Swam / Biked: 3,725.4 km

Total time spent exercising: 262:32:38 h:m:s

Average speed 15.7 km/hour

Average heart rate 127 bpm

Average bike cadence 80 rpm

burned 152,834 kCalories - the equivalent of 587 Mars Bars!!!

Been quite a busy year - even though I didn't actually start logging my exercise until the 8th March. I suspect these numbers will be smashed in the next 6 months… check back at the end of June 2013!!!

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