Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The plan is coming together...

Last night I had a great meeting with the incredible knee surgeon, Mr Colin Walker, who fixed my knees 2 years ago and planted the idea of competing in triathlon. He laughed when I told him I'd maybe taken his advice too literally and was about to compete in an Ironman.

After checking out my knees he has given me the go-ahead to start running again which is great news. I'll take it easy at first and if I do have any problems he's said he can sort me out with a painkilling injection which will see me through my race. I'm looking forward to my first gentle run tomorrow morning - I've missed battering away on the treadmill in the mornings! Hopefully my body will remember how to put one foot in front of the other… it's only been a couple of weeks out but it feels like months…. That grey matter is playing tricks on me.

Back to the pool tonight to face my demons once again. I have to confess my confidence was a bit battered and bruised from Friday's open-water session, where the swimming, or lack of it was not much fun.

Instead of taking part in the coached session, I was a bit anti-social and just swam up and down the outside lane at a fairly steady pace for 156 lengths. 3.8km done in 1:18:53, not the fastest but I felt pretty strong and controlled throughout the swim. Psychologically, this is a big boost for the confidence. I'm now feeling much more positive about the swim and can now picture myself running, dripping wet from the lake through transition and onto the bike… Not long now to turn that vision into reality.

Looks like we're 20% there towards our fundraising totals - many thanks to all those that have donated…

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