Monday, 10 June 2013

Not good… wheely not good!

Well, the weekend went really well in terms of training. I managed my 5 hour ride on Saturday and coped with the 3 hour elliptical session on Sunday, squeezed in lots of stretching a couple of long dog walks and iced the knee.

Out with the ATHelite gang on Saturday, a rare blue sky and the smell of suntan lotion:

Unfortunately, on Sunday when cleaning the bike, I discovered this:

The braking surface has de-laminated from the rim, making this wheel unusable. I've been in contact with BSpoke in Peebles and they have been great to deal with. I'm waiting to hear back from Boardman Bikes and hopefully there will be a happy resolution - the bike leg will be difficult enough on 2 wheels let alone one!

Still, a good week of training completed:
13 activities
Covered 209.42 km
Spent 16 hours 35 minutes and 38 seconds exercising
Climbed 1,775m
Burned 9,131 kCalories.

I've now completed the peak phase of my training and tomorrow the 'taper' phase begins. Gradually reducing the hours and intensity of the training as we get closer and closer to race day… only 19 days to go :-)

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