Thursday, 13 June 2013

Race numbers and tickets!

It's getting real now - the tickets for our Austrian adventure arrived in the post and we've both got out race numbers for the event:

Gav: 1801
Lorna: 0317

If anyone is interested, there is an app on the app store (IronTrac) which will allow you to track us live throughout the race...

16 days to go…

Had a great few days…

Another good swimming session and a 750m time trial in the pool on Tuesday. Some really good tips from John for me to think about (hands, leveraging forward, body rotation, engaging core muscles, acceleration through stroke, etc. etc.) - I certainly have enough to think about that I won't get bored during the swim!

Met up with Dr Chris Easton (and John Young!) at UWS on Wednesday afternoon where he kindly showed our S4 Sports Science class the Sports Science Labs. He performed a blood test (glucose + lactate level) on me before and after a VO2 max test on the bike and explained the results in real time as the kids sat back in amazement at how sweaty I can get!

Me getting measured again.. 186.5cm (i'm sure I used to be taller.. must have worn some of my legs out), 82.5 kg and 6.3% body fat:

Getting started on the bike - this increments the load so smoothly that it tricks the brain into thinking nothing is changing and then after 10 minutes or so you wonder why it is so difficult when it had been so easy! It's the exercise equivalent of boiling a frog!

Sports Science class watching a real time readout of my CO2 and O2 levels as I pedal away on the bike...

Last few seconds of me doing the test… The face mask was slipping off my face due to the copious volume of sweat!

As you can see from the heart rate graph below, I maxed out at 180 bpm… I can't go any higher!

My glucose levels before the test were 4.9 and after the test at 5.2. Lactate level jumped from 1.1 prior to the test to 11.1 showing I didn't 'wuss out' on the cycle!
Thanks again to Dr Chris Easton and his Ph.D. student, David, for running the tests and to John for taking the photos and video.

Managed a quick session on the turbo when I got home, then a quick shower and off to the S6 Prom where it was great to see how amazing the S6 pupils looked, all enjoying themselves after finishing off their exams.

Thursday's early morning session was replaced by a lie-in after getting home late! Another dog walk and a quick bike session focusing on high cadence before going to Grant at The Treatment Hub in Hamilton for another sports massage. Owwwwwww!!! It hurts like heck at present but I know in a day or two my legs will feel soooo much better :-)

Hopefully another open-water swim in Loch Lomond tomorrow and our last long (4 hour cycle) as we taper towards race day...

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