Sunday, 23 June 2013

Almost there...

It's now the last weekend before the race - time flies quickly when you're having fun, and I must say, the training has been a blast. I've loved it - even getting up at stupid'o'clock in the morning hasn't dampened my spirits.

I managed to fit in another 3.8km swim on Friday afternoon. A little slow at 1:21, but another good confidence booster. The temperature in Klagenfurt is cooling down a little, so we may be able to get away with our wetsuits. I'll find out in less than 7 days…

Out to the Scottish Business Awards on Friday night in Edinburgh.  This chap was speaking, very eloquently, at the event:

 Yep, Bill Clinton!

Me and the missus - makes a change not being in sports gear!

I must confess, the eyes were a little heavy that evening, the training is catching up with me. Next week will be better - no need for early training sessions, so I'm going to stock up the sleep bank… I may need it, I generally take ages to get to sleep the night before a big race due to nerves / excitement and we'll be up early anyway given the race starts at 7 a.m.

On Saturday I built up my new ZIPP 404 wheels with my new black and white Vittoria Corsa Evo CX tyres: 

They look even tastier on the bike:

I need to get the bike tweaked (brakes and gears) prior to the race, just to ensure everything is running A-OK.

Last long training brick session on Saturday evening (2 hour bike + 30 minute quick change run) was spent watching one of the few Bond movies I'd never seen; George Lazenby in 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service'. Needless to say I'll not need to watch it again, but it did keep me occupied for the session.

Last 'long' (if you can call 1 hour that) session on the treadmill this morning, my heart rate was really stable at just under 130 bpm - looks like the enforced rest has done me some good. 

I popped along to see Willie Bain this afternoon to get my bike checked but he was shut! Doh! I expect he was watching the bike racing in Glasgow - which we managed to catch… albeit briefly… those guys are F A S T !!!

Well, according to the countdown clock, we've got just 6 days and 13 hours to go.  Thanks for reading the blog to date, hopefully you're enjoying the journey so far.

Remember, I may be totally MAD but together we can make a difference:

…there is still time to donate: 

Thanks to all of you that have donated to date, and in doing so have left us both kind messages and good luck - it is very much appreciated :-)

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