Friday, 31 May 2013

Highs and Lows...

Spent Wednesday and Thursday this week focusing on my cycling given, what I thought, was an I.T. band issue. I've stretched out my muscles with a foam roller - a seemingly innocuous soft foam rolling pin… In reality an updated medieval instrument of torture!

I visited the excellent John Trevena (Sports Physio) at Virgin Active and he has advised me that rather than it being the I.T. band, it is actually an inflammation of the bursa under the distal I.T. band, which complicates matters a little bit. I can try ICE (ice, compression and elevation and using anti-imflammatories like ibuprofen) but he's advised me to see a sports consultant to se whether I should get a steroid injection to help get me running again. Not the news I was hoping for but I trust John's judgment, so I'll be contacting the Doctors next week to get a consultation arranged.

Rather than running, I'll be taking to the cross-trainer to keep my cardio vascular fitness up whilst the bursa heals. Thankfully I can still swim and cycle, which brings me to the highs…

Visited Chris and the gang at Velocity 44 in Stirling this afternoon. Chris had performed a RETUL fit for me on my TT bike and had changed the very aggressive riding position into something much more comfortable for the Ironman distance. I got him to change over my tri-bars to J-bend extensions which allow your hands to sit in a much more natural position. He's also changed the tubular tyres - now a dapper black and white design (perfect for a Newcastle fan) and added a self-healing sealant into the tubs to help reduce the risk of punctures. The bike feels so much more comfortable now and looks AMAZING! I'll be taking it out on Sunday and will report back after, hopefully, another 100 mile session.

The *tweaked* speed weapon:

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