Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...

Well Jack took some video of us swimming in the pool last night and needless to say as soon as I was on camera I basically forgot how to swim and spent the next 100m trying desperately not to drown.

I've had video analysis in the past during golf lessons and it always amazes me how seemingly 'massive' movements are, in fact, generally very small changes. Your mind tends to play tricks on you, pretending you've totally changed your swing / stroke when, in fact, the changes are very subtle. This is probably why most coaches will get you to exaggerate the movement massively - what you actually end up with is what they're after you implementing.

In Lanzarote, Robin gave me some changes to implement on my 'catch'. I really felt like I have been pulling my lower arm + hand across my body and sweeping the hand down to the hip as instructed. Watching the video shows I'm nowhere close! Back to the pool to practise that one… Lots still to work on which is good - it means I can still make some major improvements and hopefully cut down my swim times.

My body rotation is ok and my leg position in the water is better than expected - I had been feeling the gliding sensation through the water recently and I've noticed my times and SWOLF scores heading in the right direction. 

I'm still struggling a little with extending my arms out of the water as much as possible - my shoulders are pretty strong and I reckon my muscle mass is reducing my flexibility in this area. To combat this I've been hanging on a chin up bar every morning and night to stretch these muscles out. Given water is much more dense than air, it's considerably easier to move through air than water, therefore extending out the arms above the surface helps to maximise your swimming 'levers' meaning you go faster / further with each stroke.

Well, if you're interested in seeing this novice swimmer, here goes...

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