Friday, 10 May 2013

Improving power to weight ratio?

Well, this week has been written off in terms of training. After a brilliant weekend swim / run / bike / run and feeling like I could take on the distance right here, right now... I ended up with food poisoning. Doh!!!

The only running I've managed this week has been running back and forwards to the loo!

Still, I'm starting to feel human again... Just in time to take on the Caledonian Etape this weekend. A scenic and somewhat hilly 82 mile cycle starting at Pitlochry. Hopefully it will be considerably less windy than last year where I was blown off my bike into a ditch!

I'll post details up on the race in due course. Wish me luck and have a great weekend!


Ross McMillan said...

Poor u sir.
If u are there on Sunday I might see u there, my sister is dancing there.
If u give me ur number I will look out for you.
Enjoy it sir.

Dr Gall said...

Hope you all enjoy the weekend! I'm number 3727 - If you stand on a hill, I'll be passing you very slowly - you'll have plenty of time to spot me!!! :-)

Ross McMillan said...

Thank you sir,
I will look out for u.
Enjoy your weekend aswell.

Ross McMillan said...

I was there taken pics after the bridge on the home straight, did you see me?
What time did u Finnish at?
Well done

Dr Gall said...

Hi Ross - sorry I didn't spot you - I was too busy trying to get across the line as quickly as possible! I finished in 4 hours, 19 minutes and 18 seconds - 72 minutes faster than I managed last year! Pleased with that - hope you all had a good day ;-)

Ross McMillan said...

Hi sir
What were you wearing again?

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