Friday, 22 March 2013

100 days to go!

It's getting real, very real!

In exactly 100 days from now, the starting gun will have gone off and 2500 MAD triathletes will be entering the W├Ârthersee to start Ironman Austria. 

I'm excited, nervous and can't wait for the start (and finish!) line of this race. I'm loving the journey so far. To be honest I didn't think I'd enjoy the training so much and having missed out on the last week of training I realise now how integral the training has become to my daily regime.

I've started fundraising for 5 fantastic charities so if you think I'm mad (and you'd be right!) you can be MAD too… My pal Derek Stewart who is running the Marathon des Sables used the phrase "MAD = Make A Difference". Hopefully you can help to make a difference for each of these charities… just click on the 'Donate now' Virgin money giving button at the top right of the page! Your support is very much appreciated :-)


Ross McMillan said...

Well done sir.
You can do it, I will follow in your foot steps.

Dr Gall said...

Thanks Ross!

Given your recent charity cycle efforts I have no doubt that you will complete your own IM in the future!! Always keep your end goal in sight :-)

Ross McMillan said...

Thanks again sir.
I will keep my goal in sight.
See you tomorrow & keep cycling.

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