Wednesday, 10 April 2013

March statistics

Looking back, March wasn't a great month for training. A chest cold / infection wiped out the best part of two weeks. Perhaps an element of overtraining or just the fact I work in a school and I'm exposed to all manner of coughs and colds, but that knocked my training back.

However, taking out the positives, I still managed the following:

It's pretty easy to become obsessed with the training plan and ensuring you hit your targets but I suspect the rest will have done me some good. Much easier to say that now the chest has cleared up and I'm training like a MADman again!!!

April has started very well and in just 2 weeks time I'll be starting on the peak phase of the plan, building up to 15 hours per week with a significant more training in the higher heart rate zones.

Time is forever ticking and Ironman Austria is getting closer and closer!!!

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