Tuesday, 16 April 2013

75 days to go - An ode to Ironman Austria!

There is a Physics teacher at Carluke, his name is Dr Gall,
His knees were in a shocking state, he’d played too much football,

He’d wake in agony in the night, his knees screaming out in pain,
In those dark hours, the sobering thought of never playing sport again,

Off he went to hospital, put under the surgeon’s knife,
Melodramatic as it sounds, it really changed his life,

“I’ve cut, I’ve scraped” the surgeon said… “I’m sure you’ll be just fine”,
“Just remember, get exercising… but keep your sports in-line”,

“Swim front-crawl, take up running or ride a bike,
You can do all three.., add in some weights if you’d like!”,

So he listened to the advice and promptly made a plan,
Eighteen months later, he’s attempting an Ironman,

2.4 miles swim, 112 miles on the bike and a 26 mile run?
It may be your idea of hell, but for some of us it’s fun!

He joined ATHelite, a club of fellow souls, all training every hour,
“We’ve cut the sugar from our diets – our coffee is quite sour!”

Out every Saturday morning, he’s become a biker,
Wearing pointy shoes with carbon soles and dressed head to toe in Lycra,

He’s learned to swim and charges up and down the pool, practicing his drills,
The amount of time he spends in water, he’s thought about growing gills,

Chi-running has transformed his run, he’s no longer out just ‘jogging’,
And when he gets back from his sessions, he sets to work on blogging,

And this, dear reader, is where you come in – keep clicking on that link,
For this guy is no action hero, he’s just trying to make you think,

If the blog makes you smile, remember it’s for your delectation,
Feel free to click on the Virgin Money Giving icon and make a small donation!

He’s raising cash for 5 brilliant charities; their work makes such a difference,
Give what you can, don’t be shy, in Euros, Dollars, Pounds or pence,

The race itself, in Austria - June 30th is drawing very, very near,
So post some comments, join in the fun or give a little cheer,

Well, this ode draws to an end, he hopes you don’t think it rubbish,
Remember, he’s a scientist – a ‘Fizziks whiz’, he barely speaks English!!!

© Gav, 2013  ;-)

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