Friday, 26 April 2013

7200 hits!

Wow! Really cranking up the hits on the site now - who'd have thought that the lure of free cinema tickets would bring in so many new visitors!  Thanks for stopping by - have a read over the site and feel free to leave comments on what you like and what you'd like to read more of.

For those new visitors - click on the links above to read the daily Training log - detailing the workout sessions I'm doing to improve fitness, strength, endurance and stamina in the lead-up to the race. Keep checking this page - I update it pretty much on a daily basis even if I don't update the main blog pages...

If you really love data, then click on the Detailed Garmin Training Logs where you can access all the heart rate, cadence, speed, power, elevation and route data (etc. etc.) for each of my workouts.

The Previous race reports does exactly what it says on the tin. There's even a bit of video on yours truly from the Virgin London Triathlon in September 2012 where I survived a swim in the Thames - yum!

Personal Bests, Goals and Statistics is a page that continues to change - as I get fitter I'll set myself more aggressive goals… For example, I broke my half marathon time by over 2 minutes last week on a steady training run - will be interesting to see what I could do in an actual race!

And last but not least, if you're feeling flush (it is pay-day after all) please visit the Virgin Money Giving page and donate what you can. Let's see if we can raise £5000 together!

Thanks to all those that have donated already - especially Ross P who gave me £2.19 today, no doubt missing out on something tasty to help out the charity fundraising - a great gesture!


Ross McMillan said...

Sir remind me on Tuesday to give you a couple quid towards the charities.
Good luck

Shellie O'Connor said...

Hey Sir can I just give you money in reggie to sponsor you???

Dr Gall said...

That would be great - thanks Shellie! :-)

Dr Gall said...

Thanks Ross!

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