Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween!!!

Carving through the pumpkins!

Well, as per usual we've been up to our pumpkin carving antics… will anyone call at the house to take away all the sweets we've bought, or am I going to have to do some extra long training sessions to burn off all those carbs?!?!


An obvious choice for this year!
Frankenweenie from Para Norman - by my wee one!
Buffy the vampire slayer - by my good lady wife!

Jaws - by my big monster!

On the front step!


Angry Bird / Herman Munster / Mad Hatter / Eric from True Blood


Tigger / Stitch / Pretty Skeleton / Gizmo


Gollum / Sirius Black / Minion from Despicable Me 
The Joker / Gremlin / Zombie from Plants versus Zombies 
Gollum - still my favourite!

Cheshire Cat

Hello Kitty

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