Wednesday, 24 October 2012

250 days to go

Getting closer…

Now, it may seem like ages away, and it probably is, but I noticed on my countdown timer that I'm now less than 250 days away from Ironman Austria. Looking back on where I've come from over the last 250 days I'm pretty chuffed…

I've lost about 8kg, burned about 118,000 kCalories, climbed close on 50km, travelled 2.9 million meters and worked out nearly 200 hours. What does this mean in practice? Well I can now run to the top of the street without popping a lung and none of my old suits fit any longer. 

Tonight was a pretty hard session but I kept plugging away - I'm going to need a lot more mental strength to keep on going through the Ironman when times get tough. I've heard the phrase "the only bad training session is no training session" and it seems like a decent mantra.

So, am I half way there? No chance, the training is going to start ramping up in intensity once I start on my Tri-ripped training programme. I'm confident that I've built up a reasonable base level of fitness but the work really begins in 3 weeks time.. so until then, I'll enjoy this 'tick-over' level of training, rack up the miles in the water, the treadmill and the bike. Am I feeling confident? So far so good… but ask me again in about 251 days time ;-)

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