Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Good form old chap, good form...

Chi running course booked - Pollok Park on Saturday 10th November

I've never been a particularly elegant runner, proprioception is not a strong point for me… as evidenced by my (lack of) dancing skills or the ability to learn a Tae Kwon Do pattern (giving up after realising my knees couldn't take it and that both my kids are wayyyy better than me)…

My running style has been typically brute force, reasonably bouncy trainers and sheer conviction that whatever the distance, I'll get across the line somehow... (Taxi!!  ;-)

However, my better half went on a chi running course a few years ago and has never looked back. She's had far fewer running injuries / aches / pains and is much more efficient with her strides.

I realise as a heel-striker a lot of the kinetic energy I'm generating is being wasted as my heel effectively brakes my progress with each footfall. The idea behind chi running is to land not on the heel, but on the forefoot, with each foot strike directly below your centre of gravity. This way you don't brake with every step making your progress much more efficient and helping to reduce injuries as you go.  Sounds great. Just need my brain to tell my stupid feet what to do - I'll report back after the course!

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