Sunday, 4 November 2012

And another weekend whizzes by...

Well, 8:45 p.m. on Sunday 4th November and another action packed weekend flies by in the Gall household!

More TT bike training on Thursday - trying to get used to the aero position… now up to about 5 minutes - probably need to lengthen this to about 6 hours or so  ;-) Plenty of room for improvement!

Swimming on Friday was curtailed by lack of lanes at the pool - swimming lessons for the wee one in one lane and the other lane taken up for folks competing in the Virgin try-athlon. Managed 1 x 100m set in a pretty decent 1 min 36 seconds… so maybe the time spent reading Swim Smooth and trying to get my arms to do as my brain is telling them may be working… Again, if I could hold that pace for another 3700m in open water that would be great (here's hoping!).

Saturday back to the gym with both kids - with the eldest one coming up to the gym with me for an hour (prior to his tennis lesson) whilst his sis went to tennis lessons on the new carpeted courts - very snazzy! Managed a decent spin on the spin bikes and gentle run on the treadmill. A lot of the training information we're reading now suggests keeping the heart rate in zones 1 or 2 (less than about 136 b.p.m.) for an extended period of time. This really helps with endurance work and trains the body to feed off your fat supplies rather than your carbohydrate stores (which can be depleted too quickly for Ironman type distance events).

Haircuts all round for me and the boy. That will no doubt shave off nanoseconds for me in the pool! Followed by 90 minutes dog walk down by the Clyde as the kids had their badminton lessons - back in time to make tea and then out to see Skyfall at the cinema. One word. AWESOME.

Sunday, marked up the S4 and S5/6 ink exercises (after writing out the answers!) and recorded in my trusty marking spreadsheet. Managed to watch Newcastle take on Liverpool whilst pedalling furiously away on the TT bike. Fabulous goal by Cabaye put us in front in the first half before Suarez (boo!) scored a well taken goal to equalise. Kept going on the bike for 1 hour 45 mins - although definitely still looking for the perfect position to ensure I can ride (in relative comfort) over 112 miles in June. Worked out I've burned about 1100 kCalories today so a top curry and naan bread have just been devoured and I'm off to put my feet up before heading to bed.

No wonder weekends go by sooooo quickly!

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