Saturday, 9 February 2013

Chi-running Part 2

Back at Pollok Park again today for a refresh on Chi running with Nick Constantine.

Another great day of drills and feedback on the technique - I spent as much time as possible running as it was rather on the nippy side, even for a Geordie!

My good lady wife came along too - a refresh on a course she did with Danny Dreyer over in Ireland many moons ago. I remember looking after the kids in Dublin, going to the zoo and sampling the Guinness, how times have changed!

I'll post up more thoughts once I receive the feedback and video files from Nick - I'm currently still trying to defrost.

Been a bit of a frustrating week up until this point, a fairly innocuous head-cold turned into a 30 minute long nose-bleed on Wednesday which messed up the training. Turned out the cold and flu medication I'd taken to relieve the congestion had a 'rare' side effect of 'excessive bleeding' - yep, now you tell me! I think I'll just wait the cold out next time around.

Getting into the new training plan from Don Fink - what look like easy(ish) sessions on paper turn out to be a little bit more challenging. The 1 hour and 15 minutes in aero position on the tri bike at a cadence of over 100 rpm was a very sweaty affair and boy, was I pleased to get off the saddle at the end of that session :-)

Just a 3 hour Zone 2 cycle planned for tomorrow - gulp!

FFWD 24 hours...

Right, it's Sunday evening and I've just replenished my calories after a decent day's training. Spent 3 hours - yep, 180 minutes, on my turbo trainer pedalling like crazy this morning whilst watching Oliver Stone's JFK. Maybe not the greatest film to watch whilst on the turbo as the noise was blocking out some of the dialogue but it was one of the few films in my collection that was long enough to cope with the session!

I've just received the following video highlights from Nick Constantine (Chi-running instructor extraordinaire) from both my first course in November and the follow-up course yesterday.  It's worth a watch if you've ever thought you'd like to change or improve your running technique:

Chi running course: before and after 

Like I said to Nick, the best analogy I can think of is my running prior to the course was like driving with the handbrake on; expending a lot of energy, not reaching the speeds I knew I was capable of and more prone to damage. Following the course the handbrake has been released; the ‘soft machine' now flows, it’s much more efficient  and I’m running with a grin on my face. I now actively look forward to my run sessions.

Many thanks to Nick for the truly excellent coaching - this is going to make a significant difference on the 30th June 2013 and for many years to come.

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