Saturday, 1 March 2014

March already?

So that's February over... how did that happen?

I know it's a short month but it feels like someone has their finger on the fast forward button at the minute.

Eventful last few days, turned 44 on Thursday and was well and truly spoiled on the present front by my wonderful family. Scoffed cake with 5D2 on Thursday morning and had some impromptu birthday cards and a verse of Happy Birthday from 1P6 with loads of other pupils wishing me many happy returns.

Managed to sell my Boardman AiR TT 9.4 to a nice guy who is doing Ironman UK for the second time later this year - Good Luck in the race Danny, I suspect you'll smash your course record on the new steed!

The training went really well and I've managed to stay injury free and put in some decent sessions:

So 68 activities, covering 819km in 51 hours and 14 minutes and burning 29,861 kCalories.

So, thanks February 2014 - you were great... Hello March! Now I'm off upstairs for 3 hours on the turbo trainer, have a great day whatever you're doing.

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