Wednesday, 26 February 2014

150 days to go!

Well, it's been a while since I got round to posting.

It's been a hectic few weeks of training and work and I've simply not had the time to get round to updating the blog, sorry - hope you've not been holding your breath.

I noticed a couple of things today; it's (only) 150 days to The Outlaw and in a few hours time I'll be another year older! 44 tomorrow and I can honestly say that I am the fittest I have ever been - I am LOVING this triathlon malarky!

So, January was a great month for training, despite being ill for about 5 days with a chest infection:

I managed 54 activities, covered 600km in 40 hours 11 minutes and burned 23,450 kCalories in training.

February is currently going really well and I'm managing, thankfully, to stay injury free. I suspect this has been because the majority of my training has been low heart rate training (trying to stay in Zone 2 which is less than 130 bpm) and the combination of doing my knee and core exercises together with leg stretches after every session.

Since the weather has been pretty rubbish, most of my training has been indoors but I did venture out onto the trails of Chatelherault with my ATHelite team-mates for our President's 40th birthday celebrations. Great to be outdoors with friends and I'm looking forward to spending more of my training outdoors as the weather improves (he said hopefully).

It's been an expensive month after I discovered that my TT bike was the wrong size. I'd always struggled for comfort on it and to be honest didn't really expect to be comfortable riding 112 miles in one go. However, it turns out that I should have been sold a Large rather than a Medium which would have made things a little better. The bike itself has an aggressive geometry so probably wasn't the best bike to choose for long distance racing. This is made all the more annoying that I paid £150 for Lorna and I to get a RETUL fit to tell us which size bikes to buy... Fitted-up more like. C'est la vie. An expensive mistake but someone from the world of eBay has snapped up my bike and will be collecting tomorrow.

Still, as one door closes, another opens, so say hello to the next speed missile... The Wilier Twin Blade:

I've gone for it in the Orange / Red colour scheme as it is about the closest match to our ATHelite team kit... that and the fact that it should stand out in the transition area against the swathes of white Cervelo P3s!!!  I've placed my order with Velocity44 up in Stirling and hope to get my hands on it in about 8 weeks time.

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