Sunday, 30 March 2014

Mega March!

Well, that's March over (not officially, just in training terms!) and we're officially into Summer-time - woohoo!!!

Unfortunately that meant I lost a valuable hour's sleep this morning so it will be early to bed tonight... well, if I can get all my homework marked and lessons planned.

I did have great intentions today to get up when Lorna left to go to Stirling for the Scottish Duathlon Championships but there appeared to have been a long blink and I eventually got up at 8:50 (although to be fair my body was still on Winter-time).

Lorna did great in the duathlon today although she has been beating herself up about her time, crazy girl that she is... Given she's been poorly all week she did great but sometimes you need to beat yourself up about races to help spur you on to greater things. I'll need to be on my guard come the 27th July - she was only 18 mins behind me last year and has been training really consistently well for months.

Today was (hopefully) some of the last long sessions on the turbo and treadmill for the foreseeable future. I'm itching to get back out on the roads both on the bike and my two feet with the rest of the ATHelite gang. I've missed a good few sessions since my road bike was missing the mandatory mudguards and is in need of some lots of TLC. It's just about keeping me going on the turbo until my new road bike arrives - but more on that later.

So, March has been probably my biggest training month EVER!

Just over 69 hours of training; 83 activities, 1,042km covered and 38,652 kCalories burned! This compares with 36 hours training for March 2013, so quite an increase in volume, although I burned 28,000 kCalories so it shows most of my workload is in the lower (aerobic) heart rate zones as required.

Must say, Gary has been keeping me plenty busy but I'm feeling really great. I'm convinced the knee/leg strength exercises I'm doing at the end of every session are helping to keep me limber and avoid the usual aches and strains, so they're now an ever-present part of my training schedule.

The resting heart rate seems to be sticking in the low 40s too:

Which isn't too shabby for an old boy like me ;-)

I had to cancel my new road bike order the other day as I was told it was unlikely to arrive until early May at best and given it has been delayed no fewer than 3 times already I decided to pull the plug on the order. I have, however, managed to order a new frame set and the guys up at Velocity 44 in Stirling will be pulling it together over the next week or so - very excited!  I'll post up more details in due course :-)

I've nicked this picture from Gemma Beattie - one of our new members in the club, I'm sure she won't mind:

Kind of hits the nail on the head :-)

Gemma is competing in her first Ironman this year - you can follow her journey at:

A few of the other ATHelite team are also posting up their thoughts on t'interweb:

Alan Robertson is posting photos on blip photo to chart his training: is John Young:

Tony Marlow is all old-school like me and is writing a blog:

And of course, Derek's blog is detailed in my 'other great blogs' section on the right hand side menu.

Go on - have a look, if only to convince yourself that there are more nutters out there as well as me  :-)

Whatever you're doing - have a great month!

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