Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Caledonian Etape - back on the radar

Looking through my old race reports you'll see I completed the Caledonian Etape last year - an 82 mile closed roads cycle around some beautiful Scottish scenery.  Well, I've signed up together with my better half to do it again in 2013 - on the 12th May to be exact.  Should be good preparation for IM Austria - and this time I'm determined not to be blown off the road by the gusty wind across Loch Rannoch! Hopefully complete this on the TT bike - should be a good tester for the 112 miles around Austria!

Started running in the mornings before work (see my training (b)log for more details)… it's about the only way to fit in the required training whilst working and keeping some semblance of a family life. The temptation to hit the snooze button at 6 a.m. is strong but so far I've been able to resist and fit in a few gentle (zone 1) 30 minute treadmill sessions. I reckon it must be good mental toughening for the race too ;-) I reckon I'll have to catch up on the beauty sleep at some stage - I may be asleep for the entire month of July 2013… just warning you early!


Derek B Stewart said...

6am is a great time to train doc. Just "bank" those training sessions and you can cash in on the "interest" on IM. great to see how seriously you are tackling it as you need to enjoy the "journey" to the start line.

Dr Gall said...

Cheers Derek! Just need to be sure I'm not "overdrawn" on the sleep front ;-) Loving the training and enjoying the journey to Austria - one step/stoke/revolution at a time!!

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