Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Get a big stick...

... there's a lot of data to shake it at:

This is a TSS (training stress score) data graph plotting my fitness levels from whence time began (well 8th March 2012 if you have to be exact... when I got my Garmin 910XT). The blue line plots my fitness level, pink line is fatigue, yellow line is freshness.  The idea is to get the blue line as high as possible and time it right so that the yellow line is high (i.e. you're fresh and raring to go) on race day...

So far, so good... Looks like I am as fit now as I was in mid-April last year. This bodes well, as long as I can keep the good progress going, I'll hopefully be faster and stronger for The Outlaw on 27th July than I was for IM Austria on 30th June. Only 193 days to go!!!

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