Saturday, 17 January 2015

Since I missed out on New Years honours...

... I thought I'd try and get a Knighthood of Sufferlandria instead!

Apologies for the lack of posts, but I've been training hard over the last 10 weeks on The Sufferfest Intermediate Cycle plan to build up my bike fitness in preparation for Ironman Switzerland in July 2015.

I've raved about the excellent Sufferfest videos in previous posts so as a New Year goal I've decided to attempt the (somewhat insane) goal of the Knight of Sufferlandria (KOS) where you do 10 videos back to back with only 10 minutes rest allowed between each one.

I'm going to be spinning away on Sunday 8th February for approximately 12 hours on the bike in aid of Cancer Research UK.

You can donate online at - any and all donations will be massively appreciated!

Watch this space for pictures / videos / Trainer road profiles of each of the gruelling stages!

I'm planning on doing the following videos:

A Very Dark Place

Angels (2015)


Fight Club

Nine Hammers

The Downward Spiral

The Hunted

The Rookie

The Wretched

There is No Try.

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