Friday, 6 December 2013

I'm back!

Hi folks, did you miss me?!  ;-)

Whilst I've not been posting recently, I've still been training pretty hard. Most of my focus over the last 6 weeks has been on the bike and I've just been keeping the runs and swims ticking over.

Just in case you thought I was cheating, here is the evidence...

August stats:

23 Activities, 22 hours, 13 minutes and 18 seconds, covered 353.18 km and burned 14,762 kCalories.

September stats:

24 Activities, 26 hours, 16 minutes and 48 seconds, covered 235.23 km and burned 14,002 kCalories.

October stats:

23 Activities, 25 hours, 49 minutes and 11 seconds, covered 235.23 km and burned 16,868 kCalories.

November stats:

32 Activities, 34 hours, 38 minutes and 23 seconds, covered 773.11 km and burned 21,510 kCalories.

December is currently going well - I've done 4 bike sessions, 4 weights sessions and a swim so far this week, and as I sit here waiting for Domino's to deliver my tea, I'm feeling rather good!

I've been using my Wahoo KICKR indoor trainer, linked up to my PC running a programme called Trainerroad using an ANT+ stick to control how much power I need to output... If I increase the cadence then the KICKR automatically reduces the resistance to keep the power output at the correct level. And if I drop the cadence, then the resistance increases to keep me honest. There truly is no hiding place. It's all clever stuff - you can check out how it works by watching the YouTube video below...

The Sufferfest videos are absolutely fantastic. I'm currently following their Intermediate 10 week plan. Hopefully this will really improve my bike section at The Outlaw next July - keep on reading to find out!

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