Tuesday, 10 September 2013

I'm back - and I've entered another race!

It feels like it has been a long time since Ironman Austria and I've slowly been getting back into fitness after taking all of July off for a (well deserved?) rest.

The first few sessions on the treadmill felt like I was starting all over again from scratch and I began to question my sanity of having left it so long to start again. However, I trusted in the plan which got me across the finish line so I'm trusting that the enforced break will also allow me to come back fitter, and faster, than I was before.

I have invested many hours in training (and ££££ worth of equipment!) so, rather than letting this go to waste, I've signed up for another iron distance event…

This time it's The Outlaw in Nottingham on July 27th, 2014

I've tried to convince a couple of other teachers to join me in this one but to no avail… but I reckon in 2015 we may well have some additional Ironmen (or Ironwomen) at Carluke High School!  Watch this space!

As always, I'll post data on each of my sessions in the Garmin reports and Training Log at the top of this page and update the main blog on my thoughts as the plan progresses.

This race will host 7 other members of the ATHelite Triathlon Club in Hamilton - so there is plenty of competitive spirit in our ranks. It should be an absolute blast!  

Keep reading - and don't be afraid to post up your questions or comments below  :-)


Dr Gall said...

Click on the 'No Comments" or "Comment" link to the bottom left of each blog post, just after Posted by Dr Gall at 17:26 in this case, to leave a comment!!!

Paul Mackenzie said...

good on you Gav, I wondered where you had gone. Leaving it a bit long to the next IronMan though, aren't you? Or do you have some new targets you want to make sure you hit? Paul

Dr Gall said...

Hi Paul - good to hear from you!

One Ironman (distance) race a year is more than enough - trust me! :-)

I do have the St. Andrew's Hospice Schools 6km race on 22 Sep and the Glasgow half on 2nd October.

After that I'll be concentrating on improving my bike speed / stamina before getting stuck into the training for the Outlaw :-)

What you training for these days?

Nick Constantine said...

impressed very impressed,to the point I am going to the pool and get swimming again and may even do a little triathlon with my mudguards bike and mankini:)

Dr Gall said...

Well done Nick - just make sure your mankini doesn't catch in those mudguards ;-)

Ross McMillan said...

You never know sir, you might get a pupil with you in 2015.
And next year I will try to go down to England to watch you

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